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There are a number of therapies on offer to you during your stay at ‘Be and Breathe’, and most of these will be provided ‘in house’. Below you can find more information on the variety of therapies on offer, as well as a timetable of when these are available.  This page will be updated and you can also keep up to date by following our social media channels. Alternatively If you have any specific enquiries or requirements involving additional therapies, you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.


Meditation sessions are available (free of charge), please confirm when you check in if this is something you may require. This is a good way to ‘ground’ yourself, and to perhaps create a focus for the day ahead while on retreat. Meditation can be practiced at any time of the day, and is beneficial for tackling work place stress. The meditation sessions can be guided for guests who are not familiar with the practice. The length of time for the meditation may vary, but is usually not longer than 30 minutes.

Indian head massage

Indian head massages will be provided by Malcolm, and be subject to availability. Malcolm trained at the Caledonian Therapy Academy in 2007. This therapy is always a good way to begin your stay, as it can relieve stress and deliver wonderful relaxation.
Rate: £15.00 (30 minutes)

Mindfulness walking

Mindfulness walking sessions will be available as demand determines, and will take place at various locations on the island and Malcolm will assist on the walks. (free, but donations welcome). This guided practice is an ideal way to forget your problems for a while, and to indulge yourself in the moment. Mindfulness walking can be an ideal ‘stress buster’ that you can use on return to your work place. Malcolm holds a Diploma in Mindfulness from The Centre of Excellence, 2018.

Hand and Foot massage

Hand and Foot massages will be provided by Malcolm and be subject to availability. Malcolm trained at the Caledonian Therapy Academy in 2007. This is another way to assist your relaxation during your stay.
Rate: £15.00 (30 minute Session)


Acupuncture sessions are available on a Wednesday or Thursday and will be provided by Rhona. Rates vary depending on treatment. Please request this at your time of booking.


Aromatherapy/reiki/full body massage sessions are available and can be provided by Yennie, Susan or Liz (all qualified therapists). Rates vary depending on treatment and the therapist. Please request this at your time of booking.

Other available therapies include, Art Journaling, Slow movement, Crystal healing

Other therapies can be arranged with therapists on the island, and some advanced notice would be required to arrange a session. Please request this at your time of booking.

Additional information

Mental Health Issues

Mental health covers a wide spectrum of issues. Having a diagnosed mental health condition or a suspected mental health condition does not mean you cannot come to the retreat house, particularly if your condition is stable, and you are used to managing your life independently and being around people. However, for some conditions, being outside of your familiar environment and in intensive contact with other people can represent a risk of relapse of the condition; or if you require help and support at home to manage your condition or organise your life, then a retreat house may not be the best place for you. If you have a diagnosed or suspected mental health condition please call our office 01700 505454, to talk over your needs to make sure that being on retreat is really going to be the best thing for you. Please note that we do not accept referrals from health professionals.


A retreat house is not a suitable environment for detox from drugs or alcohol. Before coming to the retreat house a person recovering from an addiction should be free from dependence and free from any medication they have used to support their detox. A person recovering from an addiction who have achieved this level of independence may of course find the environment offered by being on retreat a supportive condition for moving forward in their life.

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